"Podengos of the Forest"


      JOURNAL of the "I" Litter: 

                                           WELCOME TO OUR "I" LITTER JOURNAL
Our hope is that you might enjoy watching this rare breed of dog grow and develop through our photos
                             and comments.  We'd love to hear from you if you have any questions about this breed or these puppies
                                                                                      or wish to share any comments with us.


Aurora da Floresta, better known as "Rory",
with her 4 new puppies a few hours after whelping

                      At dawn on February 23, 2010, we welcomed in our "I" Litter !  Actually, the name "Aurora" in Portuguese
                          means "Dawn" - a wonderful coincidence !  Rory started mild labor at 7:15 AM and "finished up the job" by
                          11:09 AM.

                          We welcome our new litter with awe and wonder that these bitches can produce such beautiful  small puppies
                          which, within days of being in the "outside" world nursing, grow to a size that you wonder how they ever fit inside
                          their dam such a short time ago. 

FEBRUARY 23, 2010:  Day 1

                                                   Puppies arrived and began immediately to learn about the world on the "outside".
                                                   First things first, though. Locating a nipple and getting warm milk is first on the
                                                                                                              "to do"  list.

      Puppies "learning" Momma's smell, touch
                                  and taste.
            Warming up in Momma's wiry hair   
                          and body heat                 
           Can you find the 4 puppies in this picture ?     >

                                                             It may be cold and wet outside, but inside the whelping box it is 82 F degrees
                                                  with the heat lamp and Rory's body heat helping pups to keep their body temperature up.
                                                     Puppies cannot regulate their own body temperature for the first two weeks of life.

                                                                                Puppies' weights several hours after birth are:
                                                                                             #1 Puppy (bitch) - 5.5 ounces
                                                                                             #2 Puppy (bitch) - 4.2 ounces
                                                                                             #3 Puppy (dog)   - 6.9 ounces
                                                                                             #4 Puppy (bitch) - 5.5 ounces

                                                                                              FEBRUARY 24, 2010:   Day 2

                                           Today we are having a snowstorm.  Not a problem for the puppies who are in a
                                                    heated room with a heat lamp on them. However, poor Rory has to go from an
                                                    overly warm whelping box out into a snowstorm with many inches of freezing snow
                                                                                                      and  more falling !

       Puppies are "creeping" around slowly        Oh, yes, they have located the "milk bar" and
                             visit it often !

                                                                                                 FEBRUARY 25, 2010:  Day 3

                     A tiny puppy paw

                                                         We lost the electricity tonight due to the "roaring" high winds (68 mph) and rain
                                               which caused the snow in the trees to become heavy. Branches and trees were
                                               falling all around. Definitely not a night to want to walk poor Rory.  However......... !
                                               The newly purchased generator came to our rescue after waiting an hour and having
                                                        the indoor temperature start to drop in the puppies' room (our bedroom).            

                                                                                  FEBRUARY 26, 2010:  Day 4 
                                                                                          A quick look at 4 day old puppies' life in the
                                                                                                                  whelping box.                                           

     Filled with Momma's milk & in "dreamland"                              Sweet puppy face
  Rory resting from her cleaning & nursing chores           Cleaning to help develop the "plumbing"
             Snuggling for warmth & security                     The more, the "merrier"
            Warm enough to sleep by herself    Rory, VERY ACTIVELY, "readjusts" her nest !!!

                                                                                                             FEBRUARY 28, 2010:  Day 6

                                            Due to school vacation and visiting their "other" grandparents, two of our grandsons
                                                     were a few days late in handling the new puppies. Our other two grandchildren, who
                                                     were home, had been around a shelter dog for over 24 hours so we "held back" in letting
                                                     them handle the puppies right away, too.

                                                      However, Nate and Nicky came over today and here are a few pictures of the puppies
                                                      being handled ever so gently by young children at 6 days of age:

         "Ooooooooooooh, new puppies !"            Nicky holding the puppy ever so gently.
     Nate, older & more "experienced", holds this 
                    pup with much confidence.
           She's quite comfortable in these hands

                                                        **Note:  Many of the pups are starting to show black lip edges and a grayish shade
                                                              of skin starting in the whisker area as well as the front of the lips and nose.
                                                              Many PPP's have gray skin under their wire hair/coat.

                                                                                   MARCH 1, 2010: 7 days old                                                          

                                                                         ** Notes:   Weights at 1 week of age:
                                                                                                Puppy #1:  12.0 oz.  - bitch/girl   (second from left)
                                                                                                Puppy #2:    9.6 oz.  - bitch/girl   (top left)
                                                                                                Puppy #3:   14.8 oz. - dog/boy    (third from left)
                                                                                                Puppy #4:   12.6 oz. - bitch/girl   (far right)

                                                                Sammi and Tyler come for their "first" visit of the "I" Litter                                                                           

                      Gentle petting by Sammi                        A close-up of #4 Puppy
     "Little Boy" being cuddled by "Young Man"  !!!                     A close-up of #2 Puppy

                                                                                                MARCH 2, 2010: Day 8

                                                       ***Journal Notes: 
                                                                     ~ puppies have been on 7 different surfaces already
                                                                         (important for optimum  mental and physical development)
                                                                     ~ puppies' toenails clipped for first time
                                                                     ~ heat lamp off permanently - much to Rory's relief - pups adjusting well

                               All is well !
            Nursing, sleeping, and growing......


                                                                                   MARCH 4, 2010: Day 10

Rory is eating a great deal now as the puppies are really nursing "hard" !
                                                                                   Look at how much they've grown since Day 1 !


                 Day 1: ABOVE             Day 10: BELOW


                                                                                                                                 MARCH 7, 2010:  Day 13

                    Outside the whelping box                     Too young to move around much yet
   "Momma" Rory is looking pretty good for all the
               work she's had raising her pups.
                            A "pup pile"
   Grandsons Nate & Nicky brought their cousins,
    Ally and Anthony to see and hold the puppies.
      Ally holding the "little girl" ever so gently      Anthony holding the puppy dog


MARCH 8, 2010:  Day 14

                                                                                   ***Journal Notes:
                                                                                    Weights at 2 weeks of age:
                                                                                            #1 Puppy :  19.3 ounces           (bitch/girl)
                                                                                            #2 Puppy :  15.5 ounces           (bitch/girl)
                                                                                            #3 Puppy :  24.3 ounces           (dog/boy)
                                                                                            #4 Puppy :  20.2 ounces           (bitch/girl)

                                                                                        Puppies' eyes are starting to open !!!!
                                                                                        Lips, mouth, nose all getting darker pigment.


                                                                                    MARCH 10, 2010:  Day16

                                                                                                Miscellaneous puppy pictures.......                       

                    Tired out from eating and growing !   "Oh, man ! There's not much space left for me !"
                       says "Momma" Rory.
                          Sucking it up BIG TIME  !                                This is "chewy".......
                     A nose "study"                                      "Nose Pose"


                                                                                   MARCH 12, 2010:  Day 18

                                               The puppies have started to "wobble-walk" now - that is, they stand on their front
                                                         legs and work at getting up onto their back legs and move forward. Sometimes they
                                                         end up moving backwards more easily than forward.
                                                         Also, all of their eyes are open and they are starting to see the world around them.
                                                         Mostly, though, they are nursing and sleeping many hours a day.                                              

 Rory often sits up to give the puppies room
                                to nurse. 

   Momma Rory & puppy snuggle up head to head.


                     Sweet sleeping sisters                                  A "pup" pile
  Sammi & Tyler's friend, Jake, comes
               to visit the puppies.


                                                                                                                          MARCH 14 , 2010:  Day 20

                                                                      First day puppies out of the whelping box and onto the carpet.
                                                         Their ears are "open" and they are noticeably reacting to voices and sound.
                                                                         Puppies are climbing on each other and starting to "play".

        Rory watches over her "loose" puppies.   The pups are VERY cautious in their new surroundings
   Back in the whelping box & "piling" for comfort                 Hey, World !  I'm ready to get out !!!


                                                                       MARCH 15, 2010:  3 Weeks old

                                                      **Journal Notes:  
                                                                         #1 Puppy :  28.6 ounces           (bitch/girl)     Idalia
                                                                         #2 Puppy :  21.4 ounces           (bitch/girl)     Ivana
                                                                         #3 Puppy :  33.9 ounces           (dog/boy)      Ignacio
                                                                         #4 Puppy :  29.9 ounces           (bitch/girl)     Isadora
                                                                     *Puppies moved out of whelping box and into children's small
                                                                                     plastic pool to give them and Rory more room.

                                                                     *Puppies FINALLY named their formal "I" names.
                                                                                                         (see above)


              Puppy "play" in the whelping box           Getting braver in the "outside world"
             A lot of room to play and explore     "FINALLY !" says Rory as she stretches out
                                 in the pool.
  Puppies are worn out from playing on the carpet.
                               Ivana                           Idalia and Ignacio


                                                                                            MARCH 16, 2010: Day 22
**Journal notes:
                                                        * Rory chased a chipmunk out on her mid-morning walk ; "motherhood" has
                                                                    not diminished her hunting desire at all !
                                                        * 6:30PM - puppies out of pool and playing, barking, growling; whining as they
                                                                    explore distant points in the room and suddenly miss their littermates;
                                                                    chewing on each others' muzzles !


                                                                             MARCH 17 - 20, 2010:  Days 23 thru 26
**Journal notes:
                                                        * Much more running around room and exploring on their own
                                                        * Watch us (from their pool) when we come into the room
                                                        * Starting to bark and growl for attention from "Momma" Rory or us humans
                                                        * Starting to sniff at toys - "talking" Winnie the Pooh; Moose slipper

Ivana playing with "Momma" Rory while Idalia & Isadora
                relax, and Ignacio watches his sister.
                       Whispering a secret                 "Mmmmmmm....you taste good !"
    Tired out, Ignacio sleeps on "Poppa's" arm.           Having a "free-for-all" in the pool !
   Ivana is worn out from playing so she rests
              on Winnie's leg with his arm
                     wrapped over her neck !


                                                                                     MARCH 21, 2010:  Day 27
**Journal notes:
                                                                         * Gruel (moistened, softened ground kibble) introduced to puppies:
                                                                                 "mixed feelings" among puppies over this new type of food
                                                                         * Introduced "balance disc" with towel covering it
                                                                                               pups not at all bothered by the wavy motion
                                                                         * Rory getting really bored being in bedroom 24/7; we went out for
                                                                            a walk/run around the "short circuit" in the forest.
                                                                         * Pups running around the bedroom exploring, climbing, barking, and
                                                                            yanking on each other's ears and skin !

        Starting on gruel........      "Hmmmmmm....this isn't so bad."
    "If you say so. I prefer Mom."
             Really getting into it !
                       "Kill that Moose !"                         Puppy playground
                    Bring Pooh "down", Ignacio !       SUCCESS !!!  Pooh's down for the count !
      Is this a "show pose" on the move, Ivana ?               Isadora stands still momentarily !

                                                                            MARCH 22, 2010:  4 weeks old - 28 days
***Journal notes:
                                                                         ** Weight of puppies:
                                                                                    #1 Puppy - Idalia :       34.3 ounces
                                                                                    #2 Puppy - Ivana :       27.7 ounces
                                                                                    #3 Puppy - Ignacio :    41.4 ounces
                                                                                    #4 Puppy -
Isadora :   38.3 ounces
                                                                          ** Puppy toenails clipped (third time - done each week)

                                                                          ** Premolars and "fangs" (canine teeth) coming in; no sign of incisors
                                                                               erupting yet !

        Ignacio lays on Rory's head to sleep !                   Truly, "payback" can be a bitch !!!   
                   (Rory now takes her turn.)   :>)

                                                                                                                     MARCH 23, 2010:  Day 29
***Journal notes: 
                                                                 ** Puppies loose (out of pool) driving Rory "crazy" trying to keep
                                                                           track of where they are. They are going off in all different directions and
                                                                           then "squawking" because they're not sure how to get back to her.
                                                                 ** Puppies walking over balance disk covered with towel with ease.
                                                                 ** Almost every tooth in Isadora's mouth erupted today all at once !
                                                                           Other pups have various teeth starting to come through - all have their
                                                                           fangs erupting first in this litter !!!


                                                                                                  MARCH 24, 2010:  Day 30

***Journal notes:
                                                                 ** After only 9 days, pups have to go into x-pen loose as they are climbing
                                                                            over the sides of the pool already !
                                                                 **  Puppies still not eating much gruel as they prefer to nurse.


               “Ring around the Rosie”……¯      Can you believe Ignacio is as big as "Moosy" ?

MARCH 25, 2010:  Day 31
Lots of chewing by puppies as they are teething.

  Pulling the blanket over himself - a new action !          Chewing on a new stuffed dog toy

                                                                                    MARCH 27, 2010:  Day 33
***Journal notes:
                                                                           ** Tufts of hair noticed at lip fold on two of the puppies
                                                                           **  Puppies introduced to a 13" (diameter), 24" (length) cat tunnel
                                                                                  that was anchored so it would not roll  ("baby" agility ????)
                                                                           **  Puppies eating a little gruel occasionally


           "Look at me, Mom !"                 Gaining courage......             Brave Ignacio "runs" it
   Tunnel now a major attraction for puppy play
                       Darlin'   Dahlia  (Idalia)                       Adorable  Dora  (Isadora)
"TUFT" in the above  picture. This shows early on 
             that this will be a puppy with wire hair.

                                                                                                                        MARCH 28, 2010:  Day34
                                                             ***Journal notes:
                                                                          ** Buffalo tag tug introduced to pups (beginning of a "tug"
                                                                                  reward for use in Agility and obedience work in the future)
                                                                          **  x-pen closed at night to Rory;  gruel left in for free feeding


                  No room for me, Momma !!!        Standing to nurse....the only way to fit them
                                  all under !
       Sometimes we just wait in line for a turn !


    Thirty-four days old and "carrying" the tug    Playing "tug-o-war" with the buffalo hair tug
                   It's my turn to carry it now.
           Note the puppies wrestling in the tunnel.
                   Dora climbing the tunnel walls


                                                  WOW ! We are WAY behind as it is now April 28th and we
                                                   haven't posted anything !!!  MUCH has been going on with
                                                   the puppies and we've been VERY busy working with them.
                                                   Hopefully, we can catch up today !!!



                                                                                                                      MARCH 29, 2010:  Day 35 (5 weeks old)

***Journal notes:
                                                                  ** Rory not allowed to nurse pups at night
                                                                       (Rory standing to nurse pups as they are so big)
                                                                  ** Pups being fed gruel, but not "gung ho" on eating solids yet
                                                                  ** Weight of puppies:
                                                                                    #1 Puppy - Idalia :       2 pounds,10 oz.
                                                                                    #2 Puppy - Ivana :       2 pounds,1.5 oz.
                                                                                    #3 Puppy - Ignacio :    3 pounds,1.8 oz.
                                                                                    #4 Puppy -
Isadora :   2 pounds,12.4 oz.


                                                                                               MARCH 30, 2010: Day 36


Getting into trouble ! An interesting smell in here....
                         Playing with "Poppa"                             Racing puppy  (Dahlia)

                                                                                     MARCH 31:  Day 37

***  Journal notes: 
                                                                             ** Puppies not that interested in wet gruel but nibbling dry kibble
                                                                                   that Rory dropped out of her bowl for them
                                                                             **  Pups introduced to an "old" knuckle bone

         Ivana has her first bone "chew"                 Smallest gets the top "bunk"
                 Establishing "pecking" order

                                                                                    APRIL 3, 2010:  Day 40

    Oooooooooh !!! Look what I found to chew !   Climbing the towel ramp "Big Momma" made us
         Rory and Ivana "enjoying" each other in the sun

                                                                APRIL 4, 2010:  Day 41  (5 wks.+ 6days old)

                                           *** Journal notes:
                                                         **  Puppies are moved into the kitchen for daytime hours. Much more
                                                                room for play. Weather is too cold to put outside for any amount of
                                                                time yet.  The quarry tile on the floor is hard and cold, but they adjusted
                                                                fairly quickly after "Poppa" and "Big Momma" lay on the floor to play with
                                                                with them. All their toys, blankets, crate, towel "ramp", tunnel, and "pee"
                                                                "pee" pads were brought in and set up.
                                                         **  Nursed 3X today; are eating moistened kibble and cottage cheese well now.


                                                                             APRIL 5, 2010:  Day 42 (6 weeks old)

                                    ***Journal notes: 
                                                        ** Puppies being weaned this week very gradually starting today

                                                        ** Weight of puppies:
                                                                                    #1 Puppy - Idalia :      2 pounds,15 oz.
                                                                                    #2 Puppy - Ivana :      2 pounds,7.2 oz.
                                                                                    #3 Puppy - Ignacio :    3 pounds,11.3 oz.
                                                                                    #4 Puppy -
Isadora :   3 pounds,1.6 oz.

            Lots of room for us to play now                              Ivana "steppin' out"
   Climbing up the ramp and looking for the others              Warm and comfy in the tunnel

                                                                                                                       APRIL 7, 2010:  Day 44

                                                            *** Journal notes:
                                                                            ** Collars on for first time today !

                           Hangin'  out......       Scratching and chewing on the new collars
         A lapful of puppies !!!
            Grandson Nicky is enjoying
                  playing with three of the four .
  Grandson Nate has the fourth one,

          Ignacio - better known as "Natcho" !

  "Big Momma" & puppies


                                                                                         APRIL 8 - 11, 2010:   Miscellaneous Pictures

Pulling dinner plate over for dinner in bed !!                         Sisters sleeping sweetly


     Dahlia plays with Grandson Tyler    Dahlia gives Dom a turn


   Emmy takes a turn playing with puppy    "Please play with me, Sammi," says Dora.


        Posing on the rug ramp - Dahlia & Natcho


                 Overpowering "Poppa"


                                                                   APRIL 13, 2010:  Day 64 (7 weeks + 1 day)

                                         ***Journal notes:
                                                            ** Puppies taken outside on front lawn for first time. Weather
                                                                        had been too cold previously.  They adjusted to the grass
                                                                        within 10 minutes.
                                                            **  Puppies given their first raw knuckle bone with small pieces of beef
                                                                         still attached. (The marrow was removed first.)

    Dora tastes her first raw bone & beef

                     Sharing a GREAT chew !

                                             Racio playing with his four puppies.

                                                                                                          APRIL 19, 2010:  Day 56 (8 weeks old)

                                          ***Journal notes:
                                                             ** Weight of puppies:
                                                                                    #1 Puppy - Idalia :      4 pounds, 1 oz. 
                                                                                    #2 Puppy - Ivana :      3 pounds, 4 oz. 
                                                                                    #3 Puppy - Ignacio :   5 pounds, 3 oz. 
                                                                                    #4 Puppy -
Isadora :  4 pounds, 2 oz.

                                                                                                         APRIL 20, 2010:  Day 57

***Journal notes:
                                                                        ** Went to vet today for first exam and DHPP vaccine.
                                                                              Puppies rode in crate in car without getting car sick or upset.

     Hey !  What's going on ? Where are we ?     Dr. Wes Chapin examines as Brandy records.
   Still sleeping - early in morning in x-pen located
                               in the living room.

                                                                                                                        APRIL 22-25, 2010: 

                                                     ***Journal notes:
                                                                               **  Lead training started all around yard - 2 puppies at a time
                                                                               **  Big pen set up in front yard for pups to exercise, play, and
                                                                                      to start "potty" training

                WOW !!!  What is all this ?


                  What's going on over there ?
Front yard offers pups "action" and noise from the
   road and our driveway. There are 2 horses across
           the street that also make "weird" noises.
                         Group play.....                          Nice stand.....Natcho !
     Dora taking a "breather" from hard play....
                   Natcho back in the kitchen
       Some more playing in the cat cube.......
              ....and then, finally, some sleep.

                                                                                                   APRIL 26, 2010:  Day  63  (9 weeks old)

                                                ***Journal notes:
                                                          **  Lead training each puppy individually - walking around agility yard,
                                                                across driveway, through garden area, up woods road, through short
                                                                woods path, and back to pen. Many different surfaces and surroundings
                                                                (and smells !!).
                                                          **  Pups eating on regular schedule (3X per day) and are  "pottying"
                                                                 mostly on  the "pee pads" or old towels (for this purpose), so
                                                                 "house-breaking"/"potty" training can begin in earnest. 
                                                          **  It appears that Natcho and Dahlia are wires; Dora and Ivana are
                                                                smooths. All 4 puppies have very hard coat textures !


                         Idalia da Floresta  (wire)                     Isadora da Floresta  (smooth)

                                                       AGAIN WE HAVE GOTTEN WAY BEHIND IN THIS JOURNAL.
                                                       HOPEFULLY, WE CAN CATCH UP TODAY AND SEE ALL THAT
                                                              HAS BEEN KEEPING US BUSY WITH THE PUPPIES !

APRIL 28, 2010:  Day 65

      3 pups in the "collapsed" cat house: Natcho, Dahlia, Ivana

                                                                                 APRIL 29, 2010:  Day 66

                              ***Journal Notes:
**Outside:  All 4 puppies were taken for a walk loose in the woods as a small
                                                  pack. They showed much curiosity; dug up various piles of dead leaves and
                                                  pine needles; walked under and through lots of branches and bushes
                                                  that they came to as we went along.

 **Inside:  We started crate training by putting two puppies into
                                                  a crate together for a short time.
                                                                                                  APRIL 30, 2010:  Day 67
                              ***Journal Notes:
**Outside:  Puppies walked individually on a lead for short woods and
                                                  field walk.
                                              **Inside:  Puppies crated in kitchen - 2 to a crate - when adult dogs fed.

                                                                                                   MAY 1, 2010:  Day 68
                               ***Journal Notes:
**Puppies introduced to the verbal cue "cheese" as a reward for correct or
                                                   desired behavior when we practiced walking on lead individually.

                                         We have been introducing noises slowly but steadily into the puppies'
                                   environment:  dishwasher, metal cans dropping on the tile floor,
                                   nearby lawn mower, grandchildren coming to visit, etc.
                                   They are always praised for ignoring it or checking it out in curiosity.

MAY 3, 2010:  10 Weeks old

                                        ***Journal Notes:
Weight of Puppies:
#1 Puppy - Idalia :       4 pounds, 12 oz.
                                                                                    #2 Puppy - Ivana :       4 pounds, 1 oz.
                                                                                    #3 Puppy - Ignacio :    6 pounds, 8 oz.
                                                                                    #4 Puppy -
Isadora :   5 pounds, 4 oz.

                                                                                                                           MAY 5, 2010:  Day 72

                                                                                 "Poppa" is in the pen playing with the puppies                             

  Natcho    >   "Busy, busy tongues"   <   Dahlia        Dora (upside down), Dahlia (licking), Natcho,
        and Ivana checking out shoelaces to chew

                                                                                   MAY 6, 2010:  Day 73
                        ***Journal Notes:
**Inside: Added a "Step Up" exercise block to the puppies' play equipment in the kitchen;
                                           they loved climbing up on it and played up there - several at once !
                                      **Outside:  After individual lead training, I walked all 4 pups loose on our "short" woods
                                           trail -  about 1/2 mile in distance. They explored everything !

            A wire and a smooth PPP face at 10 1/2 weeks of age


    Ignacio (Natcho)  and sister Isadora (Dora)


                                                                                                       MAY 7, 2010:  Day 74

                                                          Two of our grandsons visit  and play with  the puppies.  

           Nate having a talk with Dora     Nicky being greeted by Nacho and Dahlia
                        Nate getting "Podengo-ed" !                  Nicky laughing at Dahlia

                                                                                                                        MAY 8, 2010:  Day 75

                             ***Journal Notes:
**Outside:  Individual lead training continues on using "cheese" as a reward for desired
                                            **Inside:  After playing hard in kitchen, puppies put singly into crates for a nap.

             Puppies still like to "pile" into one crate

                                                                           MAY 10, 2010:  11 Weeks old

                                      ***Journal Notes: 
** Weight of Puppies:
#1 Puppy - Idalia :       5 pounds, 10 oz.
                                                                  #2 Puppy - Ivana :       4 pounds, 8 oz.
                                                                  #3 Puppy - Ignacio :    7 pounds, 5 oz.
                                                                  #4 Puppy -
Isadora :   6 pounds, 4 oz.
                                                      **Pups in with adult PPP bitches one at a time in the living room
                                                      **Pups taking naps singly in crates several times a day
                                                          and all night long.
                                                      **Lead training continues; teaching pups to "come" on lead
                                                           and sit straight in front of my feet (preparing for puppy obedience).
                                                      **Starting some work on retrieve of "buffalo tag" tug toy

                                                                                          MAY 12, 2010:  79 Days old

                                     ***Journal Notes:
**Pups put outside in big dog yard. They ran "top" speed all over for
                                                          quite awhile.
                                                      **Lead training and "recalls" (on lead) continues
                                                      **Crate training going well. They nap for several hours at a time in
                                                           their own crate with no "complaints".
                                                      **"Potty" training seems to be progressing well. Still working on a
                                                            schedule, but much being done outside.


                                                                                             MAY 14, 2010:  81 Days old

"Hanging out" in the front yard puppy pen

                       Isadora, Ivana, Natcho                                    Ivana and Dahlia
          Look at Natcho's handsome ears !!!

                                                                                                                            MAY 15, 2010:  Day 82

 Yea ! Poppa's home from his fishing trip and can
                         play with us !!!

                                                                                                                          MAY 16, 2010:  Day 83

                                         ***Journal Notes:
**Lead training now includes rewarding pup for walking on left side (informally)
                                                                as well as "recalls" with pup sitting in front of me straight

                                                                                         MAY 18, 2010:  12 Weeks + 1 Day   

                                              ***Journal Notes:                   
**Weight of Puppies:
#1 Puppy - Idalia :       6 pounds, 2 oz.
                                                                                    #2 Puppy - Ivana :       5 pounds
                                                                                    #3 Puppy - Ignacio :    8 pounds, 2 oz.
                                                                                    #4 Puppy -
Isadora :   6 pounds, 12 oz.


                                                                                          MAY 19, 2010:  Day 86

                                          ***Journal Notes:
**Second trip to veterinarian for DHLLP vaccine and exam.
                                                                All puppies very "brave"; no one was carsick on the way to
                                                                and from the clinic
. All pups in good health and growing well.

      Visiting the clinic for a "check-up" and a "shot"    Dr. Linda Luther listens to Dora's heart while Lauren
                  (vet tech) and Cal stay close by

MAY 21, 2010:  Day 88           


             4 don't fit into 1 crate anymore !!!

                                                                                                     MAY 22, 2010:  Day 89 : 12 1/2 Weeks old

                                  ***Journal Notes:
**Puppies sleeping in separate crates at night now.
                                                   **Today puppies taken on a walk to our wildlife pond - about 1 mile in
                                                        distance - unless you are a puppy and are casting around for scent !!!
                                                        We introduced them to the pond and to swimming in the shallow water.
                                                        Dora jumped off the big rock (by mistake) and had to swim about
                                                        3 feet to shore !  They slept for many hours after we got home.
                                                    **Natcho's "new Momma", Debra, and her friend, David, came to visit him.
                                                        She took many pictures on our walk.  See below:

     Ivana & Natcho check out the "big rock"             Poppa gives Dora some lovin'


    Encouraging puppies to come into the pond     A little piece of cheese helps persuade puppies


        Dora creeping down the rock slowly                       Momma to the rescue


                 Quick kiss for courage     Dora fell into pond off rock and swam to shore


   Walking home from the pond

                                                                              MAY 25, 2010:  13 Weeks + 1 day old
                                          ***Journal Notes:
**Weight of Puppies:
#1 Puppy - Idalia :       6 pounds, 10 oz.
                                                                            #2 Puppy - Ivana :       5 pounds, 8 oz.
                                                                            #3 Puppy - Ignacio :    9 pounds, 2 oz.
                                                                            #4 Puppy -
Isadora :   7 pounds, 10 oz.
                                                             **Puppies staying "dry" and clean in their crates all night long now
                                                             **Individual training on lead continues including the start of "retrieve"

                                                                                              MAY 26, 2010:  Day 93

                      Ignacio da Floresta                                 Idahlia da Floresta

           JUNE 1, 2010:  14 Weeks + 1 day

                                   ***Journal Notes:
**Puppies spent 30 minutes in big dog yard chasing a mini-tennis ball with "flaps"
                                                        They enjoy running a great deal now.  I think several of them would enjoy lure
                                                        coursing when they get older.  If only we had some rabbits in our forest !!!                             


                                                                               JUNE 2, 2010:  Day 98                                                                                      
                                                              Today Natcho left for his new home in Massachusetts.
                                                              We will miss him, but we know he will get all the attention he needs
                                                              from his new "Momma", her family, and her friends.

         Debra holding Natcho; David assisting                       A happy new PPP owner


                                                                                        SEPTEMBER 6, 2010                      

                                            Much time has passed since we last "journaled", and we have had an extremely busy
                                                     summer.  The 3 "girls" are still with us and we continue to look for the "right" homes
                                                     for them.

                                                     All 3 are now "housebroken"; all 3 are crate trained; all 3 have received all of their
                                                     inoculations - including their 2 Lyme boosters; all 3 are microchipped; and all 3 continue
                                                     to be socialized. 

                                                     I've also been working with them in a low key, "fun" way in "beginner" agility work -
                                                     which includes some basic obedience training. Each pup attends formal agility class
                                                     every 3rd week and I keep the other two "up to date" at home in our own agility
                                                     yard.  They thrive on the activity as well as the individual attention.
                                                     Below are some up-to-date still pictures of "the girls" at 6 months of age.

                                                                                       AUGUST 23, 2010    

                                            Isadora da Floresta - better  known as  "Dora"
                                        Ivana da Floresta - known as "Ivana" (and sometimes as "Minnie Mouse")
          Idalia da Floresta - better known as "Dahlia"

                                                 We'd also like to share some videos with you on YouTube of these
                                                 girls working in our agility yard. They were taken on Aug. 21, 2010:

                                                       Dora:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pMqYMMS_cgU
 Ivana:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lz8DsAyXDrI&feature=channel 
Dahlia:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BUwcvWTkrJE





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