"Podengos of the Forest"


                                                      Sarissa and Figurão (Big Shot) da Floresta - the "F" Litter puppy dog - 24 hours old
                                                                                Born the day after Labor Day - September 2, 2008

                             We enjoy sharing the excitement of a new litter with everyone.  Our journals are a
                             combination of our great love for this breed and each new life that we bring into it.
                            We love trying to catch those special moments in a young puppy's life with a camera
                            when possible.  Everyone in our family shares this exciting time and helps to socialize
                            these little "guys" and "gals" so that they are ready to go into new homes when the
                            right person or family is found.

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September 3, 2008: Day1

(the next morning)

<  Which one to choose?
  "Little Puppy" has the whole
  milkbar to himself.

  A full stomach, a warm    >
  place to cuddle, and it's
  time to take another nap.


< Sweet little newborn face
   nestled into Momma's
   wiry hair.

   Worn out from her first   >
   day of nursing and caring
   for her puppy, Momma
   Sarissa naps under the
   heat lamp, too.
Puppy's weight at birth was 8.8 oz.


   September 5, 2008: Day 3

<  Relaxed and thriving
    (the umbilical cord has fallen
    off  and scabbed over nicely)

   "Little Puppy" is crawling
    all over the towels and    
    his momma already.      >

  At this point in time, the
  puppy cannot see or hear
  anything.  He can smell
  and he can feel and is 
  frequently climbing around
  looking for comfortable
  spots in the "nest" of
  towels that Sarissa has
  shaped unless he is sleep-
  ing or nursing.
(His nose is starting to darken up.)

      Weight on Day 3 is 11.6 oz.





  September 7, 2008: Day 5

Grandson Tyler has come
  over to hold the puppy for
  the first time. 





     Weight on Day 5 is 14.0 oz.


    Sept. 9, 2008: Day 7

 Our little puppy is grow-
 ing quickly thanks to the
 wonderful mother that
 Sarissa is.

  (These pictures have been
   taken with light from a lamp
   so they have an orange
   hue to them.)

  Puppy's nose, ears, and lip are starting to
  darken up with black coloring.  

                       Weight at 7 days is 18 oz.


             September 9, 2008:  Day 8

     First nail trimming - SO important so
  Momma's breasts aren't scratched up and
  puppy's nails don't get caught in bedding



              September 11, 2008:  Day 9

   The puppy's head is beginning to develop
   and  look more mature.  His nose is
   darkening more and the outside edge
   of his lower lip shows a darker color.


           The puppy spends all of his time
         at this point sleeping or nursing.
         Momma Sarissa is still stimulating
         him to urinate and defecate by
         licking him.  He is clean, warm,
         and happy in his own little world.


         Today I smelled "puppy breath"
                  when he yawned !!



                      September 12, 2008:  Day 10
  Tonight all 4 grandchildren came over to visit the
  puppy. Below see some great socialization for
  for "Puppy" and for grandchildren.  Kids need to
  learn early on how to handle puppies safely

    and with respect.  Supervised handling at this
    point in time is safe and good for the new pup.
    These periods have to be kept very short.

September 16, 2008: Day 14
We finally have a name for the puppy:
Figurão da Floresta (Big Shot of the Forest)
We will call him "Figgy" (pronounced Feegie)

The pictures below show that Figgy's eyes are starting to open today.
Puppy's eyes frequently start to first open in the corner closest to the nose.
You can see his right eye (left as you look at him) actually shows the brown color.

Weight at 2 weeks of age is 25.5 oz.




    Momma Sarissa is keeping a
            close eye on her son !



    Figgy's muzzle and lips have
    darkened up now and his
    nose continues to fill in with
    black color.

    If you look closely, you can
    see the eye showing is
    just starting to open in the
    corner closest to the nose.



                                         September 17, 2008:  Day 15

  * So far I have had Figgy on 7 different types of textures:
         terry towels; smooth, plastic bottom of whelping box; fleece; human hands;
         tight weave carpet; and rippled, cool bin lid. 
      It is extremely important to introduce temperature changes and textures to the
      feet of the very young pup early on.  They learn to accept these changes and not
      to become stressed over changes around them.

   * His right eye is open and he attempted to "mouth" a fold of the fleece bedding.
      He was "climbing" around the whelping box and sniffed the top edge several times
      as if to learn what was on the other side.

   *  PM: "Looking" at things and wobbling around the whelping box.

                                                               September 18, 2008:  Day 16

   *  8 AM:  Figgy's trying to walk around the whelping box now that both eyes are

   *  7:45 PM:  Figgy's wobbling/walking all around the whelping box now.
       Huge change in one day!

                                                    September 20, 2008:  Day 18

   *  Figgy looking out of whelping box - responds some to my voice when I call his
        name in high pitched voice.

   *  Whelping box out of x-pen and children's plastic pool in its place. Much more
        room for pup to walk around and explore.


September 22, 2008:  Day 20

   *  Figgy is now whining when Sarissa leaves the "pool".

   *  When out of the x-pen and on the carpet, he wags his tail and  
walks around. Sarissa gets quite nervous when he's out loose 
       although the door to the room is closed and no other Podengos
       can get in. She tries to pick him up with her mouth which is
  impossible - he's too big !

September 23, 2009: Day 21

Out on the carpet, Figgy is walking around exploring all sorts of things around the bedroom.
He is wagging his tail and showing lots of animation. He even gave a small growl.
He is trying to play with Sarissa by attempting to bite the hair under her neck and pulling.






      Hi, World !

      I'm Figgy and I'm 3 weeks old today !






                    today I weigh 34 ounces

           â   Hey !  What's under here?                               Hi, Ma!  This is fun!       â
 á It's hard getting through these big things !          What kind of trouble can I find now?         á


September 24, 2008:  Day 22

              Two "sweeties" playing together.     A wiggly, little puppy isn't always easy to hold!
                              He's got the rabbit!!!                    WHOOPS!  The rabbit got him!!!


JOURNAL NOTES:                                                                                         

                                                                             September 27, 2008:  Day 25

    *  Figgy is starting to cry to get out of the "pool" now and be free outside of the x-pen on the bedroom
         carpet.  He now LOVES to be cuddled and kissed and is really starting to explore a lot.

     *  Today we started him on some wet gruel.  He licked it, but really didn't like it that much.

     *  Toenails clipped today for the 3rd time in his life.

     *  I put the stuffed rabbit in his pool for him to play with. He wants to play with it when we make it
         jump and growl at him.



                                                                            September 29, 2008:  Day 27

                                                   Guess who learned to do what today?
         Yep.  Time to remove the "pool" and just give Figgy the entire x-pen space in which to move around.


September 30, 2008:  Day 28

Figgy is running around outside of the x-pen standing up well on all 4 legs.
He is extremely curious and checks out all sorts of spaces and places in the room.
He is still nursing a lot, preferring that to wet gruel.

weight at 4 weeks is 39.5 ounces

October 1, 2008: Day 29

Figgy's upper canine teeth ("fangs") have erupted.

October 3, 2008:  Day 31

Figgy's 2 lower canine teeth have erupted as well as several of his upper incisors.
He seems to prefer wet puppy kibble to eating wet, sloppy gruel despite not having many teeth yet.
Sarissa continues to nurse him well.

                               I got a secret.......!                          What's that, Momma?

ß   "A comfy nest!"
  Well, actually not for 
  long. We had put the
  little box in for Figgy to
  snuggle into, but  
  Sarissa decided that
  two Podengos in this
  box were more to her

 "4 weeks & 3 days old"
  Fig's ears are starting
  to go up slightly.   



                                              October 4, 2008:  Day 32

       Figgy crying a lot to get out of the x-pen and be free in the bedroom
                 with Sarissa who is able to go in and out over a barrier in front of the x-pen
                 gate.  She is out more than in with him.  He is taken out and played with
                 many times a day for socialization.

                                       October 7, 2008:  Day 35 - 5 weeks old

Figgy can climb over the x-pen gate easily now unless the barrier is in place.
                 All of his top incisors are in. He plays tug-o-war with a Fluggle with his
                 humans.  There is nothing that he doesn't "check out".  He definitely is
                 a "tail wagger" like his daddy, Tintol.

                                                                  weight is 45 ounces

                                                      October 8, 2008:  Day 36

                       Figgy's x-pen was moved into the living room today and he met all of
                  the "big" Podengos through the bars.  He showed no fear only curiosity.
                  Momma Sarissa was not quite as enthused to have the others near him.
                  We let her in to nurse frequently, but she has been cutting back on nursing
                  She will spend the night in the pen with him.


        October 9, 2008:  Day 37

Today is Figgy's first day outside on the grass.  He was quite cautious and preferred to stay
on my legs if possible. I walked around and he followed very closely. He did enjoy sticking his
nose deep into the grass and smelling all the great scents down there.





             WOW !   This stuff feels funny.





                                Run, Figgy, run !!!

                  Big leaves, small puppy.......!
                      Safe on Momma's boot !

This afternoon Sarissa decided that she was weaning him completely and wouldn't let him near her.
We've been feeding him gruel for awhile, but he's been enjoying nursing more than eating the "big guy's"
type of food.  No more.
We've been letting the big dogs come around him while he is out of the x-pen, but staying very close to "supervise".

October 11, 2008:  Day 39

Figgy's been taken outside each day for at least a half hour to get used to all there is to see, hear, and
smell on the lawns and around the property. He's still too small to take into the woods yet, but soon.
In the meantime, look at this !!!

        Figgy's been going all over the place and loving it.
      One of the places we visited is Racio and Caro's
      Agility yard. 
      Why not try the tunnel? And so we did.....he loved it !
      Now we make it part of our outside fun.

We're also "busy" socializing in the house with the big dogs.
He still gets lost in the crowd, and we still stay very close by.

   Poppa holding Figgy - Racio, Ilda, Habib look on.           Checking Figgy out - Racio, Ilda, Tintol.
 Surrounded by the "big" guys - (front to back)
          Habib,Tintol, Ilda, Carochinha, Racio.
                      Taking in some sun rays.

October 14, 2008:  Day 42 - 6 weeks old

We've been taking Figgy outside for about 30 minutes a day and introducing him to all sorts of
"footing" to walk on:  grass; forest floor with sticks, pine needles, leaves, brush; sandy texture of
the Agility table and smooth nylon feel of the tunnel; in the garden with the landscape cloth "fuzz".
He approaches it all cautiously, gives it a few "tries", and appears to have no problem with walking
on any of the surfaces after that.  Very happy attitude and a wagging tail characterize this little guy.

Hi, Mom ! I love being outside
Can I get up here......? Oh, yeah !
What's in here ? Where's that squirrel ?
Wading through the autumn leaves My human folks think I'm quite handsome !


                                                      October 15, 2008:  Day 43

          Took Figgy for a walk around the yard in the deep leaves, through the veggie
          garden soil, across the gravel driveway, and into the Agility yard where he had
          fun running through the agility tunnel with and without a "curtain".  Showing no
          fear or hesitancy about the tunnel.  Had him on the agility tabletop, and walk
          across a short plank up on small wooden blocks.  He had lots of fun !

                                                       October 16, 2008:  Day 44

          Rained all day !!!   Could only play in the house for short periods with the "big"
                                                weight:   51 ounces     (6 weeks + 2 days)

October 19, 2008: Day 47

Figgy is now being taken outside after each meal and before being allowed outside of the
x-pen into the rest of the living room with the other Podengos.  In other words, "potty" training has

  Look what I'm big enough to
carry now !
Hey, Guys, look at me !  
     I like playing with big, old knotted socks, too !


October 20, 2008: Day 48

         *Figgy is eating 1/4 c of puppy kibble with 1/2 teaspoon of cottage cheese 3X per
         day soaked in warm water until somewhat soggy.  It will gradually be allowed to
         get harder and harder
as he gets used to this type of diet and eating pattern.
all of his lower incisors are now in*

                                   October 21, 2008:  Day 49 (7 weeks)

                           Figgy has started to cuddle up with "Bunny" in his nest box.

                          Figgy enjoys playing with Nate and Nicky on the living room floor.
                                             October 23, 2008:  Day 51

        *Figgy climbed up and over the agility A-Frame today. It was lowered to about 3 
          feet in height.  He also ran through a 17 foot long agility tunnel several times and
          thought it great fun.  He jumped over the jump bars laying on the ground
          (a big jump for a little puppy) as well as jumped 4" up onto the agility table top
          which was laying flat on the ground (not on its 12" frame).
          All of this is done in play - he's much too young to get serious yet!

         * Today he had a snap collar put on for the first time.  It didn't seem to bother him
          at all, but he was busy running around in the living room with the big dogs.


                                                October 24, 2008:  Day 52

          *First day Figgy has walked to the "first boundary" and back again through the
          woods.  He was by himself and just with me.  The distance was a half mile.
          *Potty training going well.  He's pooping and peeing on a regular basis when
          taken out.   He is given the command "go poop"  and "go pee".  Sounds strange,
          but when a dog learns to do this it makes travelling with them quite easy.

           *He walked up a 6 foot long plank (7 inches wide) set on the agility table
           (12" high) and down again (the start of the "dog walk"), only needing
            guidance in the coming down.

           *He had the collar on for about 20 minutes and scratched at it frequently.

           *He was introduced to the "soft crate" today in preparation for travelling.
            He walked through it several times (similar to the agility tunnel ! ) and played
            with it awhile.


October 26, 2008:  Day 54

Today was special as it was Figgy's first time in the forest with the adult Podengos.
We started out with him in a tote bag so that he could rest when he got tired. However, he
"wanted out" of the bag from the start.  Still, when the puddles were extremely deep and wide,
we felt it better to pick him up and carry him a for a short distance.
Below is a little slideshow of his walk.  The total distance is about a mile for humans
and anywhere from 3 miles or more for Podengos since they are constantly casting about
looking for interesting scents and the critters that go with them.

      In the bag for a walk....              .....not for long !                  walking with Poppa  
              Oooooh, wet toes !                Poppa has HUGE feet ! The "big" guys are looking for mice.  
      Can I find something in here ?    I'm that little guy by Poppa's leg.       Wow!  I match the leaves !  
  Hey !  What have you guys got ?     walkin' along checkin' things out      a little puppy in the big woods  
  My mom & Racio dig for a critter.     Rac is getting in over his head.                         Can I help ?  
    Hey !  Where did the critter go ?   I'm not afraid of big puddles now.               Back home.......            
          ......and to sleep with "bunny".                        



                                              October 27, 2008:  Day 55

              *Figgy continues on with his soft crate training - running through
               the soft crate as well as having it closed up and being carried in it.
               He thinks of it as play, but it is the beginning of travel training for when
               he flies.

                                  October 28, 2008: Day 56 - 8 weeks old

              *For the last three mornings, Fig has held his "poops" overnight until
               I have gotten up and taken him out.  It is now time to start real "potty"
               training in earnest.  He will soon be able to hold his urine, also.  At that
               point, he will go into a crate at night.

             *I have been taking him out right after every meal and just before I go
              to bed at night.  Also, during the day about every half hour and right after
              play with the big dogs. He is quickly learning that that is where you go !

                                                             October 29, 2008:  Day 57

             *Figgy went in for his first distemper-complex vaccination and his first
                health exam.  All went very well and the veterinarian was very pleased.
                                   (We forgot the camera so there's no picture ! )

         Playing really hard with Auntie Dinha                      "Stay away from Bun-bun !"


                                   October 30, 2008:  Day 58 - 8 weeks + 2 days

                                              weight:  4 pounds, 2 ounces - 66 ounces

                                                 November 4, 2008:  Day 63 - 9 weeks old
   *Today was Figgy's first day with a collar and being on a 6 foot lead.
                     I just let him feel where the end of it was and didn't try to walk him.
                     When I moved, he followed. When he decided to stop and sit, I let him
                     feel the pressure but then stopped, too.  In this way, he learned there
                     were some limits when he was on a lead, but it wasn't harsh or too disciplined.
                     Soon we will practice being on a short lead for when he grows up and goes
                     into the show ring or into town.

                     *Lately, Figgy has been playing with "Bunny" and carrying him all over the
                     living room.  He "kills" him by shaking him severely by the neck.  That
                     hunting instinct is quite strong.  Although he is this way with his toys, he
                     is quite curious with Mo, the cat, and has been testing what is allowed and
                     not allowed by Mo.  Fortunately, Mo has trained all of our puppies to look
                     but don't "overdo" the friendship.  Though Mo has no front claws, he has the
                     ability to "bop" them hard enough in the face and then jump up on something
                     high if need be.       

    Nate and Figgy spend
   a happy afternoon at
   Gramma and Grampa's
"Practicing" going in
      the soft crate.

Is that "Bunny" in the

November 5, 2008:  Day 64

Today Nate walked Figgy on the 6 foot lead under Gramma's supervision and helped teach him to "sit".

weight:  4 pounds, 8 ounces - 72 ounces

     Lotsa Podengo
    Figgy burrowing under 


November 6, 2008:  Day 65


We've been playing with the agility equipment in a very easygoing way.
Figgy now runs through a 17 foot tunnel with two 90° turns;
he runs up a 6 foot - 7  inch wide - plank onto the pause table (12" high)
and then down again;
he runs up the teeter and rides it down - with me lowering it gently-and runs off;
and we are playing with 3 short weave poles just to get him used to going between them.

He's also running with the big Podengos during our woods walks without having to be carried
at all.  And he's starting to cast out looking for critters in a more serious way.
He's becoming quite independent.

Inside the house, he is running free with the adult Podengos frequently and playing
hard with many of them for short periods of time. We do not encourage rough play in
the house, but we do allow a little of it in the name of single puppy "socialization".

Auntie Dinha is lots of fun cause she's not too big and not too small; she's just right for a playmate !

November 13, 2008: 72 days

weight:  5 pounds, 2 ounces - 82 ounces at 10 weeks, 2 days

November 16, 2008:  75 days

We had hoped to get some "formal" show poses with Fig !!!
This is as close as it came.


November 19, 2008:  Day 78
Racio and Figgy play hard with the Fluggle

November 22, 2008:  Day 81

Figgy and the adult Podengos have adjusted well enough with playing
together that he can stay with them for much longer periods
of time with us watching less closely.
"Potty" training continues and he has had very few mistakes in the house . 
He's got the idea of heading toward a door most of the time.

                                                              Playing with Ilda. 
                  "I like to 'bug' the heck out of her ," says Fig, "but she does keep me in line !"
        Hey !  I'm big enough to carry this rabbit
        around the house now. 





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