Podengos da Floresta:
"Podengos of the Forest"


 OUR PODENGOS:                                                             

   The following pictures are those of our own Portuguese Podengo Pequenos who reside with us as family



ARBA CH Horacio de Viamonte NA,NAJ
 has grown up and become a champion in the show ring as well as a good working hound in Agility. He is very quick to learn. He has an outstanding hard wiry coat throughout his body and excellent conformation.
He loves to swim and to hunt bullfrogs in the pond.

Racio has been used as a stud and has produced three fine litters with very strong wire coats.








ARBA CH Ilda da Casa de S. Domingos shown     here contemplating "motherhood" in the summer of 2005.  She has an extremely outgoing personality for family and visitors - adults as well as children.  Her strong desire to "mother" her puppies makes her a  valuable brood bitch. The "B" litter and "D" litter can be seen on our "New Home and Owners" WebPages.








ate August 2005 w                                                                      Summer of 2005. She has an extremely outgoing temperament and loves all visitors - adults as well as children.  Her ability to "mother" her puppies makes her an extremely valuable brood bitch. The "B" litter and the "D" litter are seen on our "NEW HOMES & OWNERS" W are seen on our "NEW HOMES & OWNERSo  Her ability to "mother" her puppies makes her an extremely



                                                                                                         Sarissa (of Monte dos Podengos) is our smallest Pequeno but the true matriarch of the pack.  She
definitely proves "good things come in small packages". 
Mother of Rory and Caro - our first generation
of American PPPWH breeding - Sarissa has strong hunting
instincts out in the forest and is tough and agile, as all
the Podengos are, but she's ready to "nuzzle" Momma's ear when we all sit on the couch. 











    Saladinha do Vale Negro is leader of the pack
   hunting for "critters" when we walk in the woods. 
   She's also first in races around the dog yard. 
   Dinha has assumed the role of "Auntie" to all puppies once
   they are old enough to come into the living room.  She is a
   great family member with dark pigment and very hard wire hair.


                                                                                                                                 "Auntie" Dinha plays with 4 week old Duende and Damasco









 Tintol do Vale Negro is a well built Pequeno with
  a sweet  temperament making him a wonderful family dog. 
  He is the sire of ARBA CH  Aurora and a half brother of our        











ARBA CH Aurora da Floresta
is our first American born puppy from our first litter whelped here
at Podengos da Floresta Kennels on March 4, 2005. 
She has been owner handled in all of her showing.
Rory is truly a sweet little Pequeno with an outstanding
build and a fantastic expression.  She loves hiking with
groups and is constantly checking everyone out and
reporting back to Momma.













Carochinha da Floresta is our second American born little girl that we have decided
to keep as a show and breeding bitch. She will start her
show career in the spring of 2008.  She has excellent
conformation, superior hard wire hair, and a very
outgoing personality. She has also been started in
basic obedience and beginning agility as she shows a great desire to please.  She, too, shows a strong desire to hunt when in the woods.




















Habib da Casa da Torre arrived this past   summer (2007). He was almost 7 months old when we bought him in Portugal and had always lived in a kennel situation.  It was a big adjustment for him to learn to live in the house with humans, but he has now adapted wonderfully and is one of the happiest Pequenos that we've ever seen. He gets along
well with the rest of the pack and loves to snuggle up on our necks when we watch tv on the couch at night.
Habib brings a new bloodline to the USA.  He is a strong hunter.








              Habib and Cal in Portugal - June 7, 2007

(5 generation pedigrees completed with help from Judy Bradley - Hounds of Daajur)

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