"Podengos of the Forest"

JOURNAL of the "H" Litter: 
We've been so serious with previous journals that we decided to try some humor in this one. Let us know if you enjoy it.

                                                                   May 26, 2009

Hi, I'm Ilda and just look at me !!!  I'm trying to take a nap and they've GOT to take a picture of my bulging belly. They didn't even give me time to put my ears "on".


 May 29, 2009:
  Labor  started at
  5:55 AM and the
  last pup was born
  at 6:53 AM.

  4 bitches/girls

    1 dog/boy

  Weights were
  between 6.1 oz.
  and 6.9 oz. and
  one girl weighed
  7.8 oz

  Whew !  I "popped" these "babies" out in
  record time - under an hour !  5 of them !
  Now for a nice long snooze.........!
   Nothin' is warmer than Mom's wiry hair
                and some sweet milk !

 Full and content while Mom catches a few "zzzz's"
"Labor" is a lot of hard work !
    Hey you Guys, did you notice that there's a lot
                      more room out here ? 
       Momma is ruthless when she's cleaning me.
        Do you see how she's working to keep my
            "plumbing"  in good working order !
We always do lots of complaining, but she doesn't 


MAY 31, 2009:  Day 2

                I got "dibs" on a bottom one  !              Sweet faces just two days old.
                             Handsome little elf.......!                       Snug as a bug in a rug !
                         Lined up at the milk bar       Just when I thought I could take a break !

JUNE 4, 2009: DAY 6

       Taking a late morning nap in the whelping box
              Anyone know a good brassiere "fitter" ?

                  Two sisters filling up at the milk bar
         One "laid back" and totally content puppy dog

   Momma Ilda "stands" a little girl upside down to hold
   her while she cleans and encourages the "plumbing"
      Where is their father ?   I could sure use a break !

                         Latched on and suckin' it up !
                         There's ONE in every group !!!

             "Summertime and the livin' is easy........."
                              ....weighing in


Well, we've been weighed and had our nails trimmed, and been named since last you saw us.
Just to keep you updated on the facts, we now weigh at one week of age.:
13.7 oz., 13.2 oz., 15.9 oz., 13.8 oz., and 13.0 oz.

Our formal names are:
Henriqueta (home-ruler) da Floresta
Herminia ("earthy") da Floresta
Hilaria (joyful, happy) da Floresta
Halito (breath) da Floresta
Heliodora (gift of the sun) da Floresta

(special thanks to our friend Holly for helping us get our names)

And now back to the pictures......

JUNE 7, 2009: DAY 9

 Well, here's our family of 5 pups at 9 days of age.
            Our Momma sure feeds us well.
    See how Minnie's nose and lips are getting dark ?

       These are strange little hands holding me.
                          There's no hair !
Grandson Nicky's first chance to hold the new puppies.

  This is hard work - sleeping, eating, and growing.

           Sweet puppy face, sweet puppy breath.

                               I'm this human's favorite !

          Granddaughter Sammi holds Henriquetta.

                        Like mother, like son.

     Watch out !  Here comes that tongue again !

          Hey, this human is warm and soft, too.

             Daughter-in-law Jodi holding Hilaria.

 Watch out everyone !  Mom is adjusting the towels
                                   AGAIN !!!





          a lap full of puppies





   "Hello, Ellie.....

                        I'm Tyler."     



JUNE 12, 2009:  DAY 13

Exciting news in the litterbox !  Halito's eyes  started to open today !



       I've got all the "spickets"

                  to myself !!    

            Let me at 'em !!!  


  She's got the whole whelping

  box and she's gotta lie on my

                    neck !!!

             Just like a girl........


JUNE 13, 2009:  DAY 14

Hey, Folks !  Most of our eyes are starting to open and we can "see the light" !

Oh, yeah.....I'm supposed to tell you our 2 week old weights:
23.2 oz.; 19.6 oz.; 24.2 oz.; 19.6 oz.; and 20.2 oz.

Also, Momma is starting to leave us alone in our box and find some other place to take a nap.
I wonder why ?






        May 29, 2009:

   We are 5 hours old !




          June 13, 2009:

    We are 15 days old !

     Either Momma is
    shrinking or we're
   growing pretty fast !

                       Cleaning up Reeky's  "dirty" face                       Still snugglin' next to Momma
           Do you think Momma could use a trip to a spa ?

JUNE 16, 2009:  DAY 18

Well, Folks, we are starting to get up on those 4 "sticks" that are on each corner of us
and wobble around our nest box.  Our human "mom" calls it "wobble-walking".
It's easier to plunk our bottoms down and stand on our front "sticks" and just look at the
world since our eyes are open and we can see "things".

We also LOVE to climb all over Momma, especially when she's "spicket - side" up.

                              Halito's favorite spicket                      Ellie's favorite soft spot on Momma
         Halito hugging Momma's neck and sleeping        "Actually, this is a better spot," Ellie is thinking.
                     What do puppies dream about ?

JUNE 18, 2009:  DAY 20

Even though most of our pictures show us sleeping, we have started to walk around our bed a little and
"Big Momma" (the two-legged one) is going to put us into the pool tomorrow so we have a lot more room.
We're also starting to chew each other just to get a little "taste" of life !

Have we changed ???
    Laria's curiosity is up

JUNE 19, 2009:  DAY 21

Today "Big Momma" put us into the pool with lots of towels and we really started to
look around at the world.
Of course we used our mouths to check things out, but we are starting to "see" things
around us, especially each other. 
"Big Momma's" hands are kind of fun to watch, too.
We had to get onto that cold scale again today.... "Big Momma" and her record keeping !
33.6 oz.; 26.6 oz.; 31.2 oz.; 25.5 oz.; 27.4 oz.
Our "hairy" momma is a real Holstein/Jersey cross !

                             Sitting and watching...                Reeky's head is a GREAT chew toy !
                One big foot can hold off my sister !                 What's going on over there ?
                         What a BIG MOUTH !!!             Now we can WALK to the milkbar !

JUNE 20, 2009:  DAY 22

"Big Momma" says we are starting to use our brains !
I think she means it's about time we began to do more than just eat, sleep, and give Ilda something
to do in the way of constant cleaning.
Wait till you see us now !

                           Up and moving around.......                           Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey !!!
                                You taste funny !                        This is a strange place to walk...
                          Another BIG MOUTH !                                   In the spot light

JUNE 27, 2009:  DAY 29

Well a week has passed since you've seen us and we have started to run around and play
really roughly. We yank each other's ears and chew each other's muzzle.
We've also decided that the pool is too small and some of us have learned how to climb out.
"Big Momma" is going to bring in the exercise pen so that we have more room to run.
Life is great !  She's been putting in this big flat hard thing full of mushy, strange tasting stuff.
We've had fun walking in it even though we slide around. Our "hairy" Momma eats it up and
sometimes we lick a little of it. It's called "food".

We got weighed AGAIN.....!  Here's what the journal says:
43.6 oz.; 31.7 oz.; 38.7 oz.; 30.1 oz.; and 33.3 oz.

Here are some pictures of us today:

     Ellie still wet from head chewing     Laria exploring inside a crate top        Reeky tired out from playing
                           Strange "stuff" to walk on (Halito)        Roughing each other up: Laria, Minnie, Ellie
                     Oh Momma !  We're hungry again !             WOW !   Look what I found to chew up !
                           Hey, Bro, go to sleep will you ?!!     

JUNE 28, 2009: DAY 30

We are really full of energy today. We found "Big Momma's" socks and learned to carry those around
in our mouth.  We also discovered the cat cube which other puppies have used and so it smells real good
inside.  One problem....our "hairy" Momma decided SHE wanted to go inside and sleep in it. Sure didn't
leave much room for us.  BUT that didn't stop us from trying.  Since she was lying down, we decided
to have a quick snack right at the milkbar.

    Look what I found !           I see your tonsils !     Two cute puppy butts !     The "man" of the group
   Where did all the mushy stuff go ?           Sniff...sniff....sniff....sniff !           This is mine !   ALL mine !!!
                           Reeky and Momma peeking out                   Reeky's oozing out while Ellie climbs in
               Ellie's at the milkbar; Laria is pushing in !                         No room left in the inn........!

Would you believe that someday we'll be grown up and well-mannered ?


JUNE 29, 2009:  DAY 31
Some of us are getting our "pointy" teeth (Big Momma calls them "canines").
They're great for tail biting and neck chewing on each other and our toys !
Ellie and Laria keep climbing out of the pool.
We're trying to eat that stuff Big Momma puts in a plate, but the stuff we suck out of our hairy momma's
"spickets" are still our favorite food.

JUNE 30:  DAY 32
Well Big Momma moved us into the x-pen so we couldn't escape out of the pool anymore.
Laria climbed out one night and enjoyed investigating the bedroom.  What a girl !

JULY 3, 2009:  DAY 35
Big Momma left for the 2009 PPCA National Specialty and Big Poppa took over.
He's fun and we gave him a great time !  He enjoyed us, but he sure was happy when
Big Momma got home.
Big Momma said that our half sister Rory won lots of important placements.
Hmmmmmmm. Wonder what that means.


JULY 7, 2009:  DAY 39
We get to get out of the x-pen when company comes and during the day a few times.
It sure is fun running around and checking things out. There's lots of stuff to hide behind, and
we love to corner our hairy mom and sneak a few sips at the milkbar.
We also like to chew on bare feet. Big Momma is pretty strict about not letting us do that,
but we still get to try when the little humans come to visit.

                Are we in jail ?               Let us out of here !            We can walk in it, too.

  My sister, Ellie, makes a
                great head rest.


          This "mush" stuff isn't
                     half bad .           

       These sisters of mine are something else !!!

JULY 8, 2009:  DAY 40

       Momma won't lie down to nurse anymore.

JULY 9, 2009:  DAY 41

This is what we weigh today:
Reeky: 3 lbs. 3.7 oz.
Halito: 2 lbs. 6.5 oz.
Laria:  3 lbs.
Minni:  2 lbs. 8 oz.
Ellie:  2 lbs. 10 oz.

JULY 10, 2009:  DAY42:  6 WEEKS OLD

Today Big Momma and Poppa took us outside 'cause the rain FINALLY stopped.
It was very bright.
There was very soft, good smelly stuff for us to walk on.  Humans call it grass.
It's fun to taste. It's fun to smell. It has great stuff to roll in !!!
We were a little scared at first, but then we decided to check everything out.
Not bad !  No bars holding us in and lots of places to run.
Poppa played with us while Big Momma took pictures.
Our hairy mom cried in the house.

      Outside for the first time.                  Creeping out.......  Getting braver and starting to play.
             Free with Poppa         Oooh !  This stuff is soft !            What's over here ?
                     Minni the explorer.                       Halito sets out for distant places !
                  Poppa calls all puppies in for the day.

***Forgot to mention, but Big Momma decided today we are going to
start being weaned from our hairy momma.
I think "Hairy Momma" is fairly happy about it, but we sure aren't.


JULY 11, 2009: DAY 43

Today was our second day out on the lawn.
We were in the small pen for awhile and loose for awhile.
You can see in the pictures of us that we are really getting brave now.

  Outside the pen and ready to go...          Running across the clover         Ears back and feet a flyin'
 WOW !  Something smells real good                  Lookin' for trouble !            Little dog  -  big yard
                               Look at those ears !!!                           Podengos at play !
                        Heading in for supper !

JULY 12, 2009:  DAY 44
Today we had lots of human company come to visit and play with us outside.
It was so much fun.  They can't keep up with us !

                            Hi Humans !  Play with us !                Belly rubs are SOOOOO appreciated.
                     Matt, Sammi, & Tyler play with us.                            Am I your favorite ?
     What is that wonderful smell ?   A shoe  !!!

JULY 14, 2009:  DAY 46
Yesterday and today, Big Momma has started to take us for walks around the yard.
Some of us stay with her and others of us decide to "hunt".
Sometimes 4 of us are way down near the orchard and 1 of us - and I'm not saying
who -  is still up at the other end sniffing out something good smelling in the grass.
Since we're hounds and supposed to use our nose, Big Momma doesn't get too upset.
She just walks us all back to pick up the "hunter" and we go back to where we were headed.
Today we made it all the way down to the little apple orchard, out to the woods driveway, and up
the trail that leads back to the house. Of course, one of us fell into the culvert instead of
crossing over the bridge; but we're learning all about getting around.
We are practicing for a woods walk when Big Poppa is here to help keep the pack on trail.

Oh, one other thing. We have a big x-pen outside now that we stay in for lots of time
so that we can get plenty of fresh air and sunshine. It's lots more fun than the one in the house.
Of course, Big Momma is nearby just in case we need her.
We're still too little to go into the dog yard.

And one other note from our journal: we all have our upper incisors now along with our "fangs".


            Our big outside x-pen in the front yard          Ellie and Minni start off toward the garden...
            ....all the way to the rhubarb plant.                    Hey, Guys !  Look what I found !
                              Is this the prize ?

JULY 16, 2007:  DAY 48
Tonight we had our last "sip" of milk from our momma.
Not that we're not going to try to sneak some more whenever we are able to be with her.....!

JULY 18, 2009:  DAY 50
Today "Big Momma" moved us into the kitchen for daytime playing.
She tells everyone that we've outgrown our x-pen.
We have lots of toys and a noisy can and some raw knuckle bones to chew on.
We like this new place a lot more. We can see the "big dogs" from here and
we can even touch noses......not that our "hairy momma" will let them get too
close to the gates.

JULY 19, 2009:  DAY 51, 7 WEEKS + 2 DAYS
We've started something called "potty training" today. We're not sure what
it means, but it has something to do with going out in our plastic pen early in the morning
and after we eat each meal.

          Laria enjoying the fresh air and sunshine                Ellie and Minni lying in the shade
                     Reeky and Laria relaxing together
     Taking a "long" walk with Poppa in the woods.
          Halito didn't fall into the ditch this time !!!

Yea ! More kids and big humans to climb on !

      We love climbing into laps - big and small !!!
(Son, Todd; Grandsons, Nicky & Nate;
Daughter-in-Law, Andrea)
      Laria & Ellie playing in
    Andrea's lap and getting
Halito really "taking it in" !


            "What a day, huh, Ellie ?" sighs Reeky.              Relaxin' and chewin' with my "Bud", Minni            

JULY 20, 2009: DAY 52
It's finally stopped raining so much and "Big Momma's" putting us outside in the x-pen for a couple of hours
each day.  We'd like her to be out here with us for the whole time. Guess it's not to be !
Tonight, our favorite girl "kid" came over to play with us - Sammi.

There's just not enough room in
              the cube anymore !
    "I LOVE kisses," says Laria.       Lap and hands full of pups
              Sammi gets "podengo-ed" by all 5 puppies

JULY 23, 2009:  DAY 55
Today we went for a ride in a bumpy car. It was fun but we had to be in a big "jail".
Then we went into this big room with a bright light and a shiny, slippery table.
A big human "man" with a funny thing around his neck came over to make friends with us.
There were also a couple of "lady" humans, too. One of them held each of us while
our human Poppa talked about fishing and our "Big Momma" took pictures.
Oh, well. After the man stuck that "neck thing" on our chest and felt our bellies and our knees, and
just about everything else we own, he decided to poke us with something sharp.
None of us are sure we want to go back there again !
"Big Momma" smiled after it was over and "the man" told her everything looked "fine" with us.
Course she wasn't the one to get stuck with that sharp thing.....but it really didn't hurt
too much.

            Hey !  Let us out of here !  Where are we !
          Why do you have to look at my teeth ?           What do you hear in there, Dr. Chapin ?
        Ellie isn't sure about this whole situation,
              but she's being a "good" Podengo.

We were good and we were brave when we got our shot.
Not even one of us Podengos cried or yelped !

After we got home and had a nap, "Big Momma" took us on a really long walk in the woods.
We felt great after that. We went about a half mile - whatever that means.

JULY 24, 2009: DAY 56, 8 WEEKS OLD
We got weighed today:
Reeky:  4 lbs., 6.3 oz.
Halito:  3 lbs., 14.7 oz.
Laria:  3 lbs., 15 oz.
Minni:  3 lbs., 6 oz.
Ellie:  3 lobs., 6.7 oz.
It rained so hard that we couldn't go out today except right after our meals.
Big Momma just won't give up on that "potty" training. She sure is stubborn.

JULY 25, 2009:  57 DAYS
Today we got these funny things put around our necks. They're called collars.
They itch a little, and sometimes you can lead yourself around with it.
Minni is real good at doing that !

    Minni walking herself with her new collar    Saying "hi" to Gramma in our new collars
                                     Life is GREAT !!!

JULY 27, 2009:  DAY 59
Well, Big Momma tried something new on us early this morning.
When she put those collars on our necks, she had attached this long white
thing to it that dragged. Boy, did we have fun pulling each other around.


          We have "big" mouths !              Who's leading who ?   Collars and cords don't bother us !
                      Great recall, Halito !           One on one on one.......

JULY 29, 2009:  DAY 61
Big Momma has walked us around the little "big" woods circuit for a few days with
our collars and cords and it's not stopping us from having a great time discovering all
sorts of things.  She still hasn't figured out why we aren't eating those funny looking
crawly things she calls newts.  Just not enough smell to them is her guess. We're too busy
checking  out large branches to carry home and the stinky mushrooms
that one of us likes to try to nibble on. 
Boy, we sure learned two new loud words:  "LEAVE IT !"
None of us argue with the Big Momma when she bellows that order.

This afternoon, Momma put us on a loooooong cord called a lead and we walked
her around the yard.  It was fun. 
   Laria demonstrates walking "Big Momma"
                                  on a lead

JULY 31, 2009:  DAY 63
It's been raining again outside so we can't go out for very long or we'll get cold.
The big dogs hate rain.  They love something they call snow, but we'll be in our new
homes when that comes. Maybe we'll get to see it.  Anyway, Big Momma and her
black face mask that lights up - she calls it a camera - took some more pictures today.

        Laria wants Minni to come out to play.     "Over she goes" - the only way out of the cube !
                      Hilaria                                Herminia                            Heliodora
                             Halito                       Henriquetta
                                         In "Big Poppa's" lap

AUGUST, 2009

"Big Momma" has been very busy with taking us in and out of the house.
She calls it "potty" training, whatever that means.  Five puppies at once
is a pretty hard job, but she is trying !
She's also working on us walking with that long lead. What a "hoot" !
We walk her.....but she seems OK with that.

AUGUST 1, 2009: DAY 67
We've been walking in the woods a lot with Big Momma.

               Minni walking along           Checking out the forest floor                  Ellie casting for scent
           Interesting smells over here !   One of the forest creatures - a newt         Reeky chewing on a small log
                    Playing "tag"               Halito taking a "break"   Pups learn about an old stone culvert

AUGUST 4, 2009: DAY 67
Today we walked the "big" circuit in the woods. Big Momma walked about a mile,
but we walked a lot more than that 'cause we were running all over the trail, and into
the brush, and under the ferns, and jumping over the small logs, and going into the pond

AUGUST 5, 2009: DAY 68
         Wrestling in the cube - Ellie, Halito, Laria  (T to B)

AUGUST 6, 2009: DAY 69


    Sammi, Holly, and Meredith come for a "play day"         Meredith and our grandson, Nate, with Reeky
           Nate being "drowned" in Pequenos              Holly cuddling Reeky and Laria
                        Puppies never hold still for long

AUGUST 11, 2009:  DAY 74

Weighing in Day, again !  It's funny to watch 'cause we're so big now we have to sit in a
bowl on top of the scale. You should see us wiggle and squirm. We're getting real good at
doing that now.
Laria (now known as "Gabbie"): 5 pounds
Reeky : 5 pounds 8 ounces
Halito : 4 pounds 3 ounces
Minni : 4 pounds 6 ounces
Ellie : 4 pounds 6 ounces

We are getting VERY INDEPENDENT on our woods walks now.
Mom decided to start us on the "cheese" command. Sure worked !!!

AUGUST 13, 2009: DAY 76

                                    We've REALLY grown !
 Ellie, Minni, Halito, Laria (mid-right), Reeky (front right)

AUGUST 21, 2009: DAY 84
Lots happening today !

First we all were weighed:
Minni: 4 pounds 14 ounces
Gabbie: 5 pounds 14 ounces
Reeky: 6 pounds 7 ounces
Halito: 4 pounds 13 ounces
Ellie: 5 pounds 1 ounce

"Big Momma" never told us that we would ever be leaving
our brother and sisters !
Today our sister Minni left us. Her new momma is going to call her "Sophie".
Here are two pictures of her just before she left us.
How come she's so happy ?

Mrs. C., Barb, Sophie (Minni), and Chris - my new family ! Oooh ! I LOVE this new lady !

AUGUST 22, 2009: DAY 85

Our sister Gabbie (Laria) left. She seems really happy, too !!!
Check out her new momma and poppa.....they seem pretty pleased, too !!!

       Mark meets his new little "girl" - Gabbie   Gabbie meets and kisses her new momma - Anne
      Gabbie's parents ready to take her home to 
          meet her two "new" Pequeno brothers,
                           Frankie & Rico

To see Gabbie in her new home with her brothers,
go to:
(Sorry - you can't click directly !)

Hey Guys, sure seems to be getting "roomier" in the x-pen !

                    Lots of room now for Halito, Ellie, and Reeky

AUGUST 23, 2009: DAY 86

Today Ellie left us. She seemed really happy, too !
WOW !  Look at the big family Ellie is going to live with:
a new momma and poppa and sister and brother.
She sure will get LOTS of attention !

    Ellie's new family: Carri, Michael, Cara, & Nathan
(Nathan got his family interested in PPPWH's through his
               Internet researching on dog breeds !!!)

Well, Halito, it's just you and me, Buddy, and the big Guys !

AUGUST 25, 2009:  DAY 88

Big Momma decided that we had to stand on a table and look "pretty".
Big Momma had second thoughts by the time the pictures were taken !!!

              Sit still ?  Are you serious ?           Well, we'll try it this way.......            OK. How about just standing ?
            Sitting is alright for a minute.....           No !  Standing still is NOT for me !

We behaved so well (?) that "Big Momma" took us out for a walk in the woods.

                             Just the two of us.......
      So much to chew and so little time.....                                              Peek-a-boo.....I see you !
                                        Leapin' Pequenos !!!

AUGUST 29, 2009:  DAY 92 : 13 weeks + 1 day
Halito: 5 pounds
Reeky: 6 pounds, 14 ounces

We are getting to run with the "big" dogs in the house a lot now.
Poor "Big Momma" has her hands full with what she calls "potty training".
She says it's easier with 2 than 5.
We have been sleeping in our own crates at night now.
"Big Momma" says "big" dogs do that. It's OK, but we miss snuggling.

                       Playing with Racio is fun !
      Hey, Bro, this paper towel tube is a great
                                  chew !!!
                The glue is kind of sticky, though.

SEPTEMBER 4, 2009:  DAY 98: 14 weeks old

Halito: 5 pounds, 8 ounces
Reeky: 7 pounds, 3 ounces

SEPTEMBER 12, 2009: DAY 107: 15 weeks + 1 day

Halito:  5 pounds, 13 ounces
Reeky:  7 pounds, 13 ounces


Reeky and I LOVE to run in the woods with Big Momma, and she's starting to take one
of the big dogs out with us each day.
Today it was our "hairy" momma's (Ilda) turn.

      Strollin' down the woods road with our momma.
                    Wait up, Momma !            "LOVE this moss !!!" says Halito.
      "Life is GOOD in the forest !", sighs Reeky.            Halito wonders, "What's that......?"
             Momma's looking for bullfrogs.              Reeky & Halito sharing a stick
              Reeky, Halito, and Ilda head home

SEPTEMBER 20, 2009: 16 weeks + 3 days old

Today Reeky leaves for her new home in Maine.
She will have a new Pequeno "brother" named Ezzi.
(See "E" Litter Journal)

      Mandy, Craig, and Ezzi meet Reeky
          My new dog yard smells pretty good.....  ....and there's lots of new toys...

SEPTEMBER 23, 2009: 16 weeks + 6 days

Well, it's just me now.....Halito.
Things have changed around here. I play with the big dogs in the house a lot.
I sleep in the bedroom in my crate with the others.
Only trouble is, Big Momma puts me out front in my pen a lot to "potty".
I'd rather go out back with the big dogs.
Trouble is, I forget to "potty" back there 'cause there are too many
other interesting things to do.

  This is me in the middle of the "big guys' " toys !
 Figgy (my half brother) & me playing tug-o'-war
                    on the couch with Poppa
  Me, Fig, and Caro playing "tug" with the "knot"

September 24th - November 29th, 2009:

Halito learned to play with and respect the adults well inside the house and out in the dog yard.
He learned to walk/run in the woods with the adult hounds and to hunt for "critters".
He learned some "baby" basics leading toward agility work:
"sit", "down", jumping up on the agility table and sitting; going through the dark agility
tunnel; going up and down ramps easily; learning to run after and retrieve his little
training ball to encourage his "drive".
He also was "housebroken" and crate trained.

Most of all, in the house, it became apparent that Halito is a real "cuddler". He also loves to retrieve almost
anything that he can get into his mouth, the "stringy" knot being his favorite. He plays many
tug-o'-war games with his half-brother, Figgy  every morning.

November 29, 2009:  6 months old:

        Halito has grown considerably since his last photos.
                        Here he chews on his "Fluggle".
  He has gotten in all of his permanent teeth with an extremely
                   nice "scissor" bite - as his parents have.
                Sitting still for one moment            Sitting in "Poppa's" lap           Chewing on the rubber "squiggly"
          Halito playing with Momma Ilda

December 5, 2009: 6.5 months old:

Today Halito  meets his new "family" from Oregon

                      Joanna meets Ilda and Halito
Halito is not shy about meeting new  people

    Rory comes over to join in greeting

    More of the pack come over to say, "Hi".
      Ilda, Racio, Halito, Figgy (underneath).
             Joanna is being "Podengo-ed" !

   James has been trying to take pictures of Joanna
                                and Halito.
        Fortunately, he wants some of Racio, too !

December 6, 2009:

Halito leaves today for Oregon with his new family and his new PPPWH brother - "Cotter".
(Cotter is actually a half-brother to him - Ilda being the mother of both.)

         Halito has a last "snuggle" with his momma.
  Joanna and James hold Halito for a quick photo before
        leaving for the airport to fly home to Oregon.


And so ends the "H" Litter Journal from
Podengos da Floresta Kennels
in Strafford, NH.


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